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Huge post on my website...

2011-01-02 21:47:23 by ughanation

...I'll just post it here aswell...

Today is the 2nd day of 2011 and I have many things I would like to do.

Ughanation is not a very popular thing. I would like to change that, by having better equipment and more experience. I would also like a more developed voice, since I'm almost 16 and all, so that I could do better voice acting. I know that would help the series for sure. With better equipment (new computer, camera, etc.) things would obviously be more pleasurable to the eye. Being HD and having good effects and whatnot. Writing my scripts better executing jokes better. All these things are things I plan on improving throughout 2011. Along with releasing more episodes.

I will be eligible for getting a job and driving a car this year. That is an extremely good thing. This way I will be making steady money to get the better equipment. I'm easily going to be spending over 3,000 dollars on ughanation this year, so it'll be better.

I'll also be selling DVDs for ughanation at some point in the near future. Unless I'm still just extremely unpopular. I think the DVD will have revamped episodes with new voice acting and animation on particular episodes. With the computer I plan on buying I'd be able to release it on blue-ray as well. It's all good stuff for ughanation I plan on doing this year. The DVD would be in production, but I'd bet on it being released sometime early next year.

Anyways that's all I got, happy new year!

-Paul Roberts


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2011-01-13 10:19:54

At least someone is working on their popularity. :). It's good that you are going for the goal, man!


2011-01-16 14:18:47

Wow, a lot has chaged since i left, well nao im back, and at least ur doing welll for urself1 gud luk ol frend


2015-03-19 00:15:15