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Huge post on my website...

2011-01-02 21:47:23 by ughanation

...I'll just post it here aswell...

Today is the 2nd day of 2011 and I have many things I would like to do.

Ughanation is not a very popular thing. I would like to change that, by having better equipment and more experience. I would also like a more developed voice, since I'm almost 16 and all, so that I could do better voice acting. I know that would help the series for sure. With better equipment (new computer, camera, etc.) things would obviously be more pleasurable to the eye. Being HD and having good effects and whatnot. Writing my scripts better executing jokes better. All these things are things I plan on improving throughout 2011. Along with releasing more episodes.

I will be eligible for getting a job and driving a car this year. That is an extremely good thing. This way I will be making steady money to get the better equipment. I'm easily going to be spending over 3,000 dollars on ughanation this year, so it'll be better.

I'll also be selling DVDs for ughanation at some point in the near future. Unless I'm still just extremely unpopular. I think the DVD will have revamped episodes with new voice acting and animation on particular episodes. With the computer I plan on buying I'd be able to release it on blue-ray as well. It's all good stuff for ughanation I plan on doing this year. The DVD would be in production, but I'd bet on it being released sometime early next year.

Anyways that's all I got, happy new year!

-Paul Roberts

Lots of crap...

2010-08-18 04:07:12 by ughanation

Welp I've been doing mostly just a lot of youtube things lately. I've released a few episodes of Ughanation on there that aren't on newgrounds. I'll probably get those up here sooner or later.

For those of you who still don't know, I burned my leg in a gasoline fire screwing around with some friends. Go to my facebook to read more about that if you give a rat's ass.

Speaking of my friends they also have a youtube channel and I've been in two of there videos now.

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So that's where I've been.

Happy Pico Day!

2010-04-30 17:28:53 by ughanation

Here's me participating.

I'm 15

2010-04-19 20:18:17 by ughanation

How about you?

Sideways Studios - A Flash Team of Epic Proportions [Take 2]

This is an ad for anyone looking to join an elite team of flash animators. We will make movies, games, you name it! If you're looking to be a well respected member of the Newgrounds community try out today! We need voice actors, musicians, programmers, animators, designers, ect.


Show me what'cha got! Animate something!

Voice Actors

I'm lending you my ears! Tell me your words of wisdom!


Don't code me a button! Code me a game!


Let me hear feel great powerful chords of pure greatness!

Alright I think you get the idea!!

This group will succeed. This group will go to the max. If you would like to join this group send me a PM or comment here. I will review all of your audishes and pick out the best of the best. When the group is decided we will begin our first project. What is that exactly? I don't know yet. We will make the decision when we get there.

Important stuff you must read!
Last time I tried this everything worked out great, we just couldn't get a time right for everyone to show up. So I will include this extra info this time. You will need to be able to meet with the whole group at least 3 times a week! I liked 6 PM Central time the best, but we'll have to sort that out w/ the rest of the group. The name, Sideways Studios, is not set in stone. We may change it if majority rules. We will meet via skype, a website, shoutbox, or anywhere else we can all meet up at once.

There will be a limit of 6 members. I'm one of them so there will be 5 of you. There will be atleast 1 programmer, musician, and another animator. If you have multiple skills you will do good here. So what are all you guys doing sitting there?! Sign up today!

Sideways Studios - A Flash Team...

Happy V-day... I guess...

2010-02-14 19:40:25 by ughanation

been a bit busy myself...

The Ughanation forums!

2010-01-22 16:12:04 by ughanation

Bored? Have nothing to do? Check out the Ughanation forums! There's not much going on yet but mabuy you can help start it up!

Quit zero bombing me

2010-01-18 10:08:30 by ughanation

Seriously do you have nothing better to do then just sit there every day and bring down my scores just because of whatever reason you have against, which I'm sure isn't a good one. How about instead of bringing down my hard work that people actually like, you work on some of your own. Seriously you brought my average down 20 points. That's not right man. And I know it's a zero bomb because it gets lower every day. The worst part is you know I can't fight back. Does that feel good to you? Seriously man whoever it is you're not being fair to me or Newgrounds by screwing with my high scores.

I just puchased my first computer!!

2010-01-09 22:04:12 by ughanation

Well I got a tablet for Christmas from a store called Discount Electronics. The tablet was a little bit dysfunctional so I tried to return it. I went to the store and they said they only let you get store credit or exchange for something of equal value. Then I saw these $99 Dell computers. So I used the 64 bucks left over from the tablet and dug into my own wallet to get me a computer. The one I use now is kinda my family's computer, so I've been wanting my own for a while. It's a Dell Optiplex GX260, 40 Gig hard drive, 256 MB RAM space, Windows Xp Professional. It's not much now But I'll be looking around for upgrades and stuff. Really make this thing a powerful SOB.

I just puchased my first computer!!

Heppy new year!!

And look we finally got the Awesome Collab Out there!! Go watch it!!

Then while you're at it, don't forget to sign up for the Stop-Motion Collab!!