2012 Submissions

WWE Stopmotion Wrestling WWE Stopmotion Wrestling Rated Stars Stopmotion Wrestling :P Experimental Ughanation - Eggnog Ughanation - Eggnog Rated Stars Watch as the fight between 2 ughs happens over some eggnog. (Claymation) Comedy - Original Oh No Godzilla!! Oh No Godzilla!! Rated Stars Watch out its GODZILLA!! Experimental Ughanation - Thanksgiving Ughanation - Thanksgiving Rated Stars An ugh goes hunting for his Thanksgiving turkey! Comedy - Original Clay Crowd - I C C Clay Crowd - I C C Rated Stars Clay Crowd - The Imagination Creation Collaboration --- By Mattuiop and Attomiccloud Experimental Pointless Blobs ep.1 Pointless Blobs ep.1 Rated Stars Buritos cause to much trouble... Experimental Clay Rox 2 Clay Rox 2 Rated Stars This is the sequel to Clay Rox. Other Strawberry Clock's Throne Strawberry Clock's Throne Rated Stars Stawberry Clock is losing the throne?! Comedy - Parody Clock Day '08: Ringpop Clock Day '08: Ringpop Rated Stars Strawberry Clocks' got a ringpop!! Comedy - Parody Ughanation Whipped Cream Ughanation Whipped Cream Rated Stars Some ugh got ahold of some whipped cream... Oh crap. Comedy - Original Paul Roberts Productions Paul Roberts Productions Rated Stars Nice little stopmotion video I made. :) Other Ughanation Guy With Legs Ughanation Guy With Legs Rated Stars An ugh with legs?! HOLY CRAP! Comedy - Original Ughanation Drunk Troubler Ughanation Drunk Troubler Rated Stars Bad news for this Drunken Trouble Maker! Comedy - Original The Tournament (clay) The Tournament (clay) Rated Stars Watch as the Clay Figure battle it out for the victory! Action Clay Rox Clay Rox Rated Stars This is a claymation one put together one day lol! Other Ughanation The Dog Ughanation The Dog Rated Stars 2 Ughs Find a dog... clay stopmotion claymation Comedy - Original The Battle Of 300 In Clay The Battle Of 300 In Clay Rated Stars I remade the battle of the 300 Spartans. clay stopmotion claymation Action Ughanation The Sun Ughanation The Sun Rated Stars 2 ughs stare at the sun, what will happen? clay stopmotion claymation Comedy - Original Ughanation The Hamburger Ughanation The Hamburger Rated Stars 2 Ughs fight over a hamburger. clay stopmotion claymation Comedy - Original